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Međunarodna Njemačka Škola Sarajevo; Upis učenika u predškolu i osnovnu školu / IDSS; ENROLLMENT Obrazovanje, Vrtić, Osnovna škola, Škola

Buka 11
  • Interesovanje: Obrazovanje, Igraone, Dešavanja, Muzika, Umjetnost, Kultura, Trudnice, Porodilje i Zdravlje
  • Za uzrast: 3-6 godina, 6-9 godina, 9-14 godina
  • Dani odvijanja: Ponedeljak, Utorak, Srijeda, Četvrtak, Petak

We warmly welcome you to International German School Sarajevo (IDSS) where we truly believe that International German School Sarajevo (IDSS) is a magnificent school full of wonderful, enthusiastic, caring people. At our school every child is valued as a special person with extraordinary abilities. In International German School Sarajevo (IDSS) we embrace diversity and reflect the multi-cultural, multi-lingual, artistic and varying nature of our curriculum.

Students are provided with a safe, supportive and nurturing environment enabling them to reach their full potential in becoming life-long learners. Teaching and learning programs reflect the holistic needs of students, recognizing and catering for different learning styles and celebrating student achievement. Staff at International German School Sarajevo (IDSS) are committed to developing strong relationships with our students and play an active role in assisting them to be responsible and active members of their community. We believe that this is best achieved through strong partnerships between home, school and links with the wider community.

International German School Sarajevo (IDSS) reflects the cultural diversity of international and, indeed, our local community. Through classroom programs, children learn to develop an appreciation of different cultures and deepen their understanding of, and respect for, differences through their friendships with other children.

We teach our children not just about Bosnia and Herzegovina but about the culture from different countries. Children learn about the importance of behaviors that demonstrate acceptance, respect and understanding of all people who inhabit our land and our planet. Our school’s values of: Creativity, Love of Learning, Friendliness, Resilience, Teamwork and Respect underpin the behaviors that are positively promoted and explicitly taught at International German School Sarajevo (IDSS). These values are even more relevant today as we prepare our children for their future. Empathy, problem-solving, grit and open mind-sets are all supported by the work we do at school every day. We hope that these values are shared in the children’s family lives too. We hope that you will take an active role in the school. You will find that involvement is rewarding to you personally, as well as of great benefit to your child and the whole school.

Welcome to our wonderful school ?

Mr. Davor Mulalić



Mrs. Lamia Kacila




  • Preschool 1/2 day

    Tuition for half day preschool (children from 3 to 6 years) - annual fee

    5.000,00 KM
  • Preschool full day

    Preschool tuition (children from 3 to 6 years) - annual fee

    5.900,00 KM
  • Primary school I - IV

    Tuition fee for primary school (from I to IV grade) - annual fee

    8.250,00 KM
  • Primary school V - IX

    Tuition fee for primary school (from V to IX grade) - annual fee

    9.500,00 KM
  • Afternoon program I - IX

    Afternoon program (from I to IX grade) - annual fee

    1.250,00 KM



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