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ONLINE ENGLISH CUSTOM 1-ON-1 [email protected]&School Online, Obrazovanje

Zelenih beretki br. 6
  • Interesovanje: Obrazovanje
  • Za uzrast: 6-9 godina, 9-14 godina
  • Dani odvijanja: Ponedeljak, Utorak, Srijeda, Četvrtak, Petak, Subota, Nedelja

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Uzrast 6-14 godina.

School and School
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    120,00 KM


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    School & School is a multidisciplinary, different kind of school for children and teens.

    Thanks to a specially designed program based on multiple intelligence, our students have the opportunity to find, through fine, applied and technical sciences, their talent and passion for a particular discipline that will make it easier for them to choose their future academic and professional careers. Our goal is to design a creative and stimulating environment, and then, to observe, discover, develop and nurture talent in children, encouraging them to consciously find the source of their own inspiration and aspiration.
    How are we going to do it?
    By enabling the acquisition of competitive knowledge and skills of the 21st century in a completely different and innovative way through one of 20 school programs:

    - School of Robotics & Programming (age 6-8)
    - School of Programming & Game Design (ages 8-14)
    - School of Robotic Engineering (ages 10-14)
    - School of Mechatronics (ages 10-14)
    -School of Web Design (ages 9-14)
    - School of Creative Physics & Mathematics (ages 10-14)
    - School of Bioengineering (ages 12-14)
    - School of Forensic Research / CSI FORENSIC (age 9-14)
    - School of Veterinary Medicine (age 9 -14)
    - Foreign Language School (ages 4-14)
    - Lego Think Thank School (ages 4-6)
    -Lego Art & Design (ages 4-6)
    - School of Music (Piano 5 + / Guitar 6 + / Solo singing 7+)
    - Art & Design School (ages 6-14)
    - School of Graphic Design (ages 9-14)
    - YouTube & Video Academy (ages 10-14)
    - School of 3D Animation (ages 10-14)
    - Ballet School (ages 4-12)
    - Business & Leadership (ages 11-14)

    Other educational programs:
    - Little School / Extended Stay (ages 6-10)
    - Summer school (6-14)
    - Winter school (6-14)

    We at School & School are dedicated to find the best in every child. That is uniqueness and a talent! These are abilities, skills, but also values ​​that enable children to express themselves more artistically, technically and culturally than adults, and yet, they need to be constantly encouraged and reminded to be fully aware of their talents, as their own resource, which is necessary to be developed and continually improved through life.
    This is what we at School & School deeply believe in. Also, we believe that only by balancing temperament, talent, academic education and professional career is a guarantee of inner satisfaction and successful personal and professional self-realization! That is the reason why we believe in education. We believe in human potential!
    School & School is a place of creative expression where children design more beautiful tomorrow.
    School made for kids. Inspired by the future!

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